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Dental surgeons belonging to the speciality of oral medicine, oral diagnosis and dental radiology felt the necessity to form a professional organization to have unity, fraternal professional get together, to raise the image of the speciality, with better teaching and better services. Available specialists had a meeting on 20th June 1985 in Bangalore and unanimously resolved to form on organization called Indian Academy of Oral Medicine. This was registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act of 1960 at Bangalore. During the fifth national conference in Chennai, this Academy had been renamed as Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology and functions effectively and efficiently. Consequent to the tremendous development of this speciality with increased number of members, it required amending the constitution and making the academy function in a better way for changing trends in the profession. Hence the experts committee formed by the Indian academy of oral medicine radiology has prepared the draft amendments of constitution of IAOMR. This amended constitution would be effective and comes into force only after it is passed in two consecutive general body meetings and approved by Karnataka state registration society.