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IAOMR Activity

Activities of IAOMR are reflective of its objectives. Several academic activities are carried out throughout the year, to culminate in a National Annual Conference. Fourteen such conferences have been hosted so far at several locations in India. Other events include: essay and dissertation competitions, symposia and continuing education programmes.

The XIV National Conference was hosted at Bangalore, the IT capital of India. Response was great and the conference was a success. The XV National Conference shall be hosted at the historic city- Hyderabad. The venue is the much famous Ramoji City!



Annual conferences:

I National Conference
Bangalore, Karnataka
1988 II National Conference Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1990 III National Conference Bangalore, Karnataka
1991 IV National Conference Trivandram, Kerala
1993 V National Conference Chennai, Tamil Nadu
1994 VI National Conference Bangalore, Karnataka
1995 VII National Conference Dharwad, Karnataka
1996 VIII National Conference Mumbai, Maharashtra
1997 IX National Conference Mysore, Karnataka
1998 X National Conference Managalore, Karnataka
1999 XI National Conference Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
2000 XII National Conference Chennai, Tamil Nadu
2001 XIII National Conference Davangere, Karnataka
2002 XIV National Conference Bangalore, Karnataka


Essay and best dissertation competition 2002:

These competitions attracted a good number of entries. The winners were announced and prizes distributed at the XIV National Conference at Bangalore.
Category   Topic
I: Undergraduate students   "A dentist is one's own radiologist!"
First Prize: Dr. Sanam Vijetha, KVG Dental College, Sullia
Second Prize: Dr. Ajay Kumar Mootha, CODS, Davangere
II: Postgraduate students   "Psyche and soma: From harmony to discord"
First Prize:   Dr. Veena S. Narayanan, BVDC & H, Davangere
Second Prize:   Dr. Anshuman Jamdade, GDC & H, Mumbai
III: Specialists in the subject   OMR at crossroads- Where do we go from here?"
First Prize:   Dr. Mangala Meti, PMNM Dental College, Bagalkot
Second Prize:   Dr. Rajendra Patil, SDM Dental College, Dharwad
Best Dissertation Competition:
Winner: Dr. A. C. Raj, GDC & H, Trivandram