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Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology (IAOMR)

The Emblem

The outer ring- bearing the title of our academy- represents the scope and activities of IAOMR. These encompass three important areas of dentistry, viz.

~ Oral Medicine (represented by the scepter of Aesculpus),

~ Oral Diagnosis (represented by the two instruments), and

~ Oral Radiology (represented by the 'X' formed by two instruments).

~ In India, Oral Medicine and Radiology is an emerging speciality of dentistry, and hopes to set a shining example (represented by the star) in research, academics, education and ethics.

IAOMR was established in 1985, and its Head Office is currently located in Bangalore. Over 300 life and annual members are registered with IAOMR. Journal of IAOMR (JIAOMR) was started in 1990 and is official mouth piece of the academy.

If you would like to know more about IAOMR (than what shall be described in these web pages) or if you have suggestions regarding the web site itself, please contact us.

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